The Hawkins (SE)

The Hawkins is an energetic, highly-entertaining rock n’ roll piece. Their music is a perfect combination of blues-based rock groove (think Deep Purple) with the bullshit-free attitude of punk rock that most likely would have made Lemmy shed a little tear of joy.
Starting in March 2013, the band’s achievements quickly started piling up – including a tour of Russia, performing at world-famous festivals such Sweden Rock FestivalPeace & Love and Metallsvenskan, as well as signing a record deal with Swedish-based label GAIN/Sony Music.
After the release of their debut album, Ain’t Rock n Roll, the band is currently locked up in the studio working on their second record, due later this year.

Arboga | Sweden

Hard Rock

Iron Maiden, Iron Maiden, Iron Maiden, Iron Maiden

Albin Grill (Drums)
Mikael Thunborg (Guitars)
Johannes Carlsson (Vocals, Guitars)
Martin Larsson (Bass)

Band Links:
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