SHYLY VIRUS (UK) new track “Instagib” out today

UK’s Cyberpunk/Electronic ensemble Shyly Virus has just released their brand new single Instagib, which is now available on all major platforms.  The song is the group’s homage to Broken EP by Nine Inch Nails.
Instagib is named after the slang word used in videogames for weapons that instantly kills the player in one shot (Started in Quake 2) and is seemingly a very fit title for the track – you can listen to it Spotify.

Read more about Shyly Virus here.

Shyly Virus are: Shyly Virus (guitar and vocals) | Phage (live drum machine sampler backing vocals) | Fo4r (live guitars)

Band links: Official Website | Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram