New album “Memoriam” by FAUSTUS (SE) out now!

Go Loud Agency is proud to announce that Swedish death metal band Faustus have just released their full-length “Memoriam”.
The album includes the three singles which anticipated the release – “Sleep”, “Architects of Ruin” and their most recent, “The Creation of What’s Called Hell”.

“This album can be regarded as a tribute/homage to what has been” says the band, “both in regards to people from our past as well as the things in life that have had a big impact on us. We felt that we needed an outlet for these feeling,s and took to our trade of choice to fulfill that need. So here we are. The music in itself is fueled by these feelings, drawing inspiration from a place of anger and sorrow. Not in a gloomy sense, mind you, but in a way that is almost honouring this state of mind. With that being said, we didn’t skimp on the groove or heaviness of the music, no… it’s quite the contrary. We consider this to be our best and most complete album yet”.

Here is the album tracklist:
1. Deprived of Liberty
2. Psychogenic
3. Anhedonia
4. Existence, Death?
5. The Creation of What’s Called Hell
6. Architect of Ruin
7. Sleep
8. Tempus
9. Obscurity
10. From the Beginning To the End
11. XI



Memoriam  was recorded at Obsidian Recording Studios, mixed and mastered by Robert Kukla.

Faustus are:
Oskar Pärlenskog (Drums)
Anton Pärlenskog (Guitar)
Mattias Lövhaga (Guitar)
Nils Hedberg (Bass)
Ludvig Setterlind (Vocals)

Band Links:
Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | Spotify