Exeter-based Death Metal band Kill All The Gentlemen have finally released their first lyric video “I Welcome the Horror”, giving us a sneak-peek of their upcoming debut album The Loss and the Rapture – to be released on November 22nd via our partners Sliptrick Records.

The band began the recording process right after returning from their East European tour with Napalm Death, which could only fuel their already abundant creative inspiration. The result is impressive: eight bone-crushing, yet melancholy-infused tracks that will leave you asking for more.
Regardless of a difficult line-up change – which resulted into members Olan Parkinson and Andrew Pike being replaced by guitarist Christian Axsel and drummer Thomas Arne Rørstad – the band is now ready to rock n’ roll and are committed to make British death metal great again.

“As with any band’s debut album, it can spark a lot of debate and criticism as you have had your whole life to write it up until this point” – says the band’s frontman Adam Martin – “You will have gone through a lot of struggle, a lot of heartache, a lot of time and stress but ultimately it’s all being driven by your passion to write this music in the first place. This begins the start of of your career, a standard you have set yourself from here on. The Loss and The Rapture is about the struggles of life with the need to keep going, witnessing loss along the way which will inevitably lead to your Rapture. It is a metaphor for life and death. For going head first against the grain at all costs.”

Kill All The Gentlemen are: Adam Martin (Vocals, Guitar) | Ben Andrew (Bass) | Christian Axsel (Guitar) | Thomas Arne Rørstad (Drums)

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | On Sliptrick