Faustus (SE)


Hailing from Bollnäs, a small town in the middle of Sweden, the band was founded in 2011. But it wasn’t until the middle of the pandemic that Faustus set out to write their heaviest album yet: the kind of record that sounds like a “freight-train-full-of-sledgehammers-headed-straight-towards-your-whole-family”, to quote the band’s words.

In 2021, the five-piece headed to Gothenburg’s Obsidian Recordings, located in Studio Fredman to record their their forthcoming album Memoriam. The band hired the legendary Robert Kukla and Fredrik Nordström to oversee production. “We have given 110% of our soul in these songs, productions and even music/lyric videos and this is just a taste of our artistic expression” says the band.

Among their most recent accomplishments, the band got to play the renowned Gefle Metal Festival 2022 (footage available here), sharing the stage with musical giants such as MeshuggahMayhemJinjerSoilwork, to name a few.


Death Metal

Meshuggah, Vildhjarta, Whitechapel, Humanity’s last breath, Pantera

Oskar Pärlenskog (Drums)
Anton Pärlenskog (Guitar)
Mattias Lövhaga (Guitar)
Nils Hedberg (Bass)
Ludvig Setterlind (Vocals)

Band Links:
Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram


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