Canadian folk metal group Mongol head all the way over to Eastearn Europe for 13 dates across Ukraine, Russia, Poland and Latvia throughout May and June 1st. The band will be promoting their latest Sliptrick Records release The Return, which is gaining considerable recognition amongs all folk metal aficionados. You can come witness the band’s high-octane show on the following dates:

Upcoming Tour Dates:
15.05 | Old Pub | Zaporizhzhya, UKR
16.05 | Madisan | Kryvyi Rih, UKR
17.05 | Art Café Étage | Zhovti Vody, UKR
18.05 | Rocker Pub | Kremenchug, UKR
19.05 | Volume Club | Kyiv, UKR
22.05 | Hertz | Orel, RUS
23.05 | A Club | Smolensk, RUS
24.05 | Alibi | Moscow, RUS
25.05 | Irris | Vologda, RUS
26.05 | Music Box | Tver, RUS
30.05 | MCB | Jelgava, LV
31.05 | Black Pub Komin | Suwalki, PL
01.06 | Fontaine Palace | Liepaja, LV

Born on the frigid Canadian plains of Alberta, the folk metal act, Mongol pays tribute to the Mongolian Empire of old. Blending heavy melodic riffs with an array of folk instruments and Eastern melodies, Mongol wields a sound as diverse as the nations their Empire conquered.

Mongol’s unique sound has taken them on many exciting journeys, including co-headlining Mongolia’s first international metal festival, “Noise Metal Fest,” alongside Folk Metal icons, Nine Treasures, in 2014. Since forming in 2009, Mongol has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with such acts as Arkona, Kalmah, Tengger Cavalry, Nekrogoblikon, Havok, and many more.

In the midst of today’s tumultuous political climate, Mongol began writing a new album. The Return delves into an ancient Mongolian Prophecy that foretold the Great Khan’s return to power. On 2018’s, The Return, Mongol envisions how Genghis Khan would rule in today’s world amidst rampant tribalism. In tradition with Mongol’s past albums, The Return brings an eclectic mix of sound, ranging from melodic and beautiful to heavy, destructive and powerful. This mix of sound not only reflects the diverse interests of the band, but, more importantly, the unique method of rule practiced by the Mongol Empire; benevolent, but unforgivingly harsh to its enemies.

With the success of The Return in their wake, Mongol once more sets their sights on total world conquest.

Mongol are:
Tev Tengri – Vocals | Zev – Guitar | Zelme – Guitar | Bourchi – Drums | Sorkhan Sharr – Bass | Sche-Khe – Keyboard/Folk Instruments

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Twitter | Reverbnation | On Sliptrick

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