Black Rose (SE)

Formed in 1990 in Fagersta, Sweden, Black Rose have been militant in the hard rock/AOR scene ever since. Their debut album Fortune Favours The Brave was released in 1993 and was followed by several gigs in Sweden as well as a few mini-cds and demos released here and there during the following years. Notable releases include their 2013 album Turn On the Nightand their latest LP A Light In The Dark – released in April 2018 through Sliptrick Records and featuring new lead singer vocalist Jakob ”Jacke” Sandberg – which serve as physical proof that band has indeed stuck their guns over the past 28 years. Fans of RainbowTalismanPretty Maids and Europe will very likely be intrigued.
Throughout the band’s existence, Black Rose has constantly been performing around Sweden and Europe, supporting legendary bands such as Fate, The Poodles, Pain Of Salvation, Nocturnal Rites and Soul Sign (featuring former Yngwie Malmsteen members). The band is currently planning to promote their latest reelase with some live shows around the continent.

Fagersta | Sweden

Melodic Hard Rock

Rainbow, Talisman, Pretty Maids, Europe

Jakob “Jacke” Sandberg (Vocals)
Thomas Berg (Guitar)
Peter Haga (Drums/Keyboards)
Anders Haga (Bass)

Band Links:
Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram


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