Go Loud Agency is proud to welcome Ashes Collide (RU) to the family!

Ashes Collide is an alternative rock band from Saint Petersburg, Russia, playing a style of music which is inspired by 2000s American rock. Memorable guitar riffs, catchy harmonies and powerful female vocals create the perfect recipe to attract fans of bands like Papa Roach, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Incubus (to name a few), although the band has made it their mission to find their niche within the genre.

Ashes Collide was established in the Spring of 2015 by Nikita Frolov (guitar) and Alexahder Kolchin (drums), with bassist Roman Vtorov and singer Marfa Savchenko completing the line up in early 2016. Soon enough, Ashes Collide gained popularity in their hometown and neighboring cities, thus succeeding to get a handful of shows under their belt. Their first single “Ashes Collide”, self-released in 2016, gained considerable attention in the local rock community and allowed them to perform several shows in Finland and Estonia in 2017-2018 – marking the beginning of the band’s expansion to international markets.

After releasing their latest EP First Collide – out via Sliptrick Records – Ashes Collide is now working on their LP, which is expected to be the band’s game-changer in terms of style and creativity, whilst consolidating their position among Russia’s most promising rock acts.

Ashes Collide are: Marfa Savchenko (Vocals) | Nikita Frolov (Guitar) | Roman Vtorov (Bass) | Aleksandr Kolchin (Drums)

Band links: Facebook | VK | Instagram | Youtube

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