Project Description

Shyly Virus

Established in UK in 2016, Shyly virus has been bringing his loud multicoloured and blood stained sound to stages ever since. equal parts metal rave music to opening a doorway into a biomechanical hellsape populated by hand puppets made of human skin. For the audience, a visceral presentation of sonic bloodymindedness, black humour and Kaiju mating calls.
Shyly Virus aims to bring you all the latest innovations in bio technological sound based weaponry. Wanna rupture guts? Fry brains? Shatter eardrums? well with his bio mechanised systems he can be your one stop shop for all things noisy and stompy!

United Kingdom

Cyberpunk/Electronic/Death Metal

Mick Gordon, John Carpenter, NIN, Ministry, Author and Punisher, Skrew, Gost, Perturbator.

Shyly Virus (guitar and vocals)
Phage (live drum machine sampler backing vocals)
Fo4r (live guitars)

Band Links:
Official Website | Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram

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